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This is the home of progressive pumpkin carvers who support President Obama’s progressive policy for the United States.

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We know that we live in very trying times

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We know that there are many challenges up ahead. But we also know that with the right ideas, conviction and purpose, we will overcome.

We look Forward To Getting to know
you and to helping you take your
business to new heights!

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we have found a tireless and farsighted champion in the form of President Barack Obama.

Obama's Policies

Obama’s policies are the right kind of policies at the right time to take America to the right place. For far too long, we have been fed all sorts of misinformation and made to feel guilty about our readiness, willingness and ability to make the right hard choices for our country.

The Future

The future does not belong in the past. The future is not about holding back and failing to progress into new areas for helping people make the best out of their lives. Instead of looking at government as the 800-pound gorilla that gets in the way of self-help, personal progress and personal uplift, we are convinced that the government, when informed with the right policies, agendas and directions, can and does do amazing things.

America's History

You only need to look at American history to see how enlightened and progressive government policies can lift millions of people out of poverty. It has also eradicated child labor and the horrors of slavery and environmental degradation. Advanced forward thinking that went beyond narrow self-interest and immediate pace of payoffs and short-term profits have redounded to the amazing bounty of blessings for this and future generations.

World's Envy

In fact, the reason why America is the envy of the world is the fact that we are able to look at our resources regardless of how limited and narrow they may be and allowed ourselves to imagine something better. We challenged ourselves to think up of a world that goes beyond our present limitations.

In other words, we did not focus on the things that bound and limited us. We didn’t obsess about the seeming scarcity of ideas and resources that seem to always drag us back and hold us down. Instead of allowing our realities to be simply ang singularly molded by limitations as they existed at a particular point in our history, we chose to bravely look into the future even though people around us were doubtful.

Even though people pointed fingers and insulted the visionaries, they kept pushing. They kept dreaming. Regardless of whether they were met by police batons, police dogs, water hoses and all sorts of obstacles, they knew that there was a better future for America. They knew that there was such a thing as a progressive tomorrow and they bet everything that they had to make that vision happen.

Taking the challenge

Looking at the accomplishments

Now, the torch has been passed to us. We can take all the challenges going on in our lifetimes lying down. We can simply look at what we’ve already accomplished and eat the fruits born by the blood, sweat and tears that acted as seeds planted by our predecessors, or we can do something else. We can take the torch that has been passed onto us and push it forward to illuminate a future full of possibility, adventure and purpose.

Obama's Vision

This is the progressive vision of the future that President Barack Obama embodies. He does not do this lightly. There are costs involved. If you need to understand what exact costs are in play, you only need to look at the fact that the Democratic Party lost thousands of elected positions from the year Barack Obama was elected to the present day. This alone speaks volumes about the tremendous amount of resistance, progress and forward-thinking encounters to this very day.

The different forms

A lot of the old attitudes, a lot of the old fears that held people back in the dark continue to this very day. They may take different forms. They may even look bright and shiny, packaged accordingly, but deep down inside are the same old failed discredited so-called truths held by a certain number of our fellow citizens.

Our hope

It is our hope that President Barack Obama’s progressive vision for the future continues long into the future. But for this to happen, we need torch-bearers like you. The torch has been passed to us by minors striking in the 1930s struggling against wave after wave of bullets shot at them by the police.

The torch has been passed to us by the bloodied hands of Civil Rights protesters in the 1960s who stared down police dogs and harsh walls of fire hoses and police batons to deliver the age of Civil Rights. They have been passed on to us by women who have braved the decades of abortion laws so that women can eventually get the right to choose.

This flaming torch that you hold in your hand has been passed on to you because of the backs of the many gay activists who have struggled decades of humiliation, embarrassment and ridicule just so they can wake up in America where people are not penalized for loving who they wish to love.

What we have for you

In this website, we offer pumpkin carvings of lanterns that highlight hope not just from the Obama years but these lanterns shine a light to a future all Americans will share. Whether you’re a big supporter of the right of a woman to choose, minority’s rights against discrimination or the rights of immigrants from all over the world to live freely in the United States, you need to take up this torch.

This website presents this torch in the form of pumpkin lantern carvings. They contain all sorts of messages that we’re all united in one hope. We all believe that the best days of America are not in the foggy recesses of the past. We all believe that the full potential of America cannot be found in some stone statue carved up many decades ago.

Instead, we believe that everything that is best, pure and truly humanizing and empowering about America lies in the future but that future can only be unlocked when all of us unite. It is our hope that the photos of the pumpkin carvings we share in this website give you that flicker of hope so you can light that flame in that part of the United States you live in.

That’s right. Even if you live in the reddest of red states, let that flame flicker to life in your heart and shine it to people around you. You’d be surprised as to how many other people have that flicker of flame in their hearts as well. All it takes is one person to allow themselves to shine like a bright light in the darkness for the humiliation, the fear, the narrowness and the hate that the darkness represents to melt away.

Blog Posts

Non-Fruit Ideas for E-Juice

Let’s get one thing clear, when it comes to e-juice flavors and scents, it really all boils down to fruit. For most people, fruit is it. Whether you’re a big fan of avocados, mangoes, coconuts, watermelon, apples, or oranges, it doesn’t matter. Steeping e-juice with fruit compounds has been the tried and proven way of getting the right vaping hit each and every time.

In fact, a lot of people get so sold on the power of fruit that they’ve stopped exploring other feedstock. They’ve stopped considering other plant-based materials as feedstock for their e-juice. This really is too bad because you’re leaving a lot of stuff off the table.
Now, don’t get me wrong. Fruit is awesome, especially citrus fruits. They smell great, they pump you up, and they have this fresh scent to them that keeps you energized over the long haul. However, with that said, eventually, it gets old really quickly.

This is especially true if you are not really big on nicotine. If there is no addictive hook to your vaping formulation, you’re pretty much at the mercy of the flavor profile of the liquid that you are using for your vaporizer.
Now, this is like playing the blues without a backing band. You’re basically left playing the naked notes of the blues song and you better be skilled at it. You can easily tell somebody who’s just fumbling along or butchering a classic blues riff and somebody who actually knows what they’re doing.

The same applies to ejuice from Eliquid Depot. If you’re not mindful of the ingredients that you are using, it’s too easy to screw up. It’s too easy to come up with something that has some weird aftertaste that you really can’t quite put your finger on, but it eventually gets annoying.
To spare yourself of all this unnecessary drama, step away from the fruit. Understand that there are many other plant-based materials out there. There are aromatic leaves, there are all sorts of scent-producing pods, and there are even flavorful roots that have a nice smell to them.
The key here is to play around with all these different plant-based materials. Leave no stone unturned. Let your curiosity get the better of you. The more parts of a plant that you work with, the better.
For example, if you’ve only just been using orange peels for scent, you might want to try to orange seed or the bark of the orange tree. You might even want to experiment with different parts of the watermelon.

There are just so many ways to play this game. Don’t feel that you’re stuck using the actual fruit or a specific variety of plants. Look at the total plant, look at different species, and knock yourself out with experimentation. I think this, ultimately, is what makes the whole process fun.
It’s not so much that you’re going to end up at some sort of destination. It’s not so much that you’re going to end up with the right formulation that looks good, smells good and tastes good. It goes beyond that. It really all boils down to the anticipation and the sense of possibility and excitement of the journey itself.
In a way, formulating non-fruit e-juice for vaping is much like defining happiness. Happiness is not a destination. Instead, it’s the journey. The journey changes you. It changes your expectations, and it’s a lot of fun. Enjoy every moment.

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