About Us

About Yeswecarve.com

A former novelty site

Yeswecarve.com was originally a novelty site. We were so pumped up about President Barack Obama’s message of hope, inclusion and possibly change for the future that we couldn’t help but express our agreement with his grand vision in the best way we could: by carving pumpkins.

Little did we know that the photos of our pumpkin carvings with their hopeful messages and slogans and symbols would resonate throughout all of the United States. Yeswecarve is the online collection of such carvings. We started out with a few dozen carvings and we thought that that was it. We thought that this was the only collection of photos we will have because hey, let’s face it, there’s really no army of people ready, willing and eager to carve up progressive-themed pumpkins.

Pumping up pumpkins

Well, at least, that’s what we thought. It turns out that once we started to publish these photos, people picked up their knives, bought a pumpkin and started carving away. The collection you see here from everywhere in the United States and I’m talking about places as remote as Alaska, Maine and all the points in between including Hawaii, are a collection of individual pumpkin carvers.

Progressive carving

Instead of simply carving up a typical jack-o’-lantern that you see every Halloween night, progressive pumpkin carvers all over the United States turned their imagination and creativity to their pumpkins to come up with a wide range of amazing hope-filled designs that are sure to light up that flicker of progressive hope in everybody’s hearts.

Hope to inspire

It is our hope that this website inspires people regardless of where they live. You may live in parts of the United States where progressive values are looked down upon and marginalized. You may feel that there are neighbors who don’t understand you. You may feel that you are the only voice of reason and hope in the darkness of the wilderness. If you carve up a pumpkin lantern with a message of hope, you’d be surprised as to how far and wide your personal hope will resonate because you are hardly alone.

This site is a testimony

This website is a testimony to the fact that there are tremendous pockets of optimism left in the United States. It hasn’t been completely swallowed up by the darkness of the election of 2016. The narrow thinking, xenophobia, thinly veiled bigotry and sexism of Donald Trump did not manage to drown out the inexhaustible supply of optimism in the United States.

We still believe even through the simple message that a pumpkin lantern carving can convey that we are still the land of opportunity, we are still the land of promise and we are still the land where people can come to live the kind of life they want to live.

If you share in any of this then please let us know by publishing a photo of a pumpkin carving with the hopeful messages you would like to convey to the rest of the world. We would be sure to publish such a carving. Thanks for stopping by!